1. Olive isn’t sure what the Pullitzer Prize committee was thinking when they chose The Goldfinch. Sure, it’s readable. But this literary doyenne has begun work on her own experimental novel, intent on being the first author to write a full work of literature in transliterated barks.
  2. Comet is terribly incensed anytime some hipster says that all red wines taste the same; if you can’t taste the dark currant undertones or mocha-filled finish of this vintage port, he just can’t even.

  3. Buddy Brown is always in the buff. Sure, all those hours he puts into his strenuous yoga regimen may have paid off in a powerful physique, but this hippie is hardly concerned with showing off. He just sees no need to bother cloaking himself in material things when he can strut his stuff au naturale.


  4. While traveling through the woods, Snow White quickly found her canine escorts ineffective with the appearance of the trip’s first squirrel. 

    Commission, 11”x14”

  5. Lil Bub won’t show you her Fall Out Boy tattoo until she’s had a few, nay, an entire six pack of Tecate.

  6. Here is an unironic pet portrait of a dog named Quincy who recently passed away and is dearly missed by his family.


  7. Even after losing an eye in the call of duty, military service dog Diesel still has a sense of humor. At formal events, he opts for the polka-dotted bow tie, and in the morning, his dad tends to find that Diesel has “accidentally” dropped the neighbor’s The Cuban Nation at his feet instead of the Miami Herald.


  8. Gus sees little value in today’s shallow, internet communications, preferring the company of close friends by a warm hearth and a glass - or three - of malbec (he’s been feeling particularly adventurous lately).


  9. Progress shot of a commission for a very close friend.

  10. Cali really does insist you take her private jet; she can scarcely afford to associate with anyone who flies among the masses (first class or otherwise).